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Harnessing Maui’s renewable energy potential

ENGIE Hawaiʻi’s proposed energy storage project on Maui will enable more renewable power generation by adding capacity to Maui’s electrical grid — clean energy without compromising stability.

This project, proposed for Central Maui, offers the capacity to accept more renewable energy onto the Maui Electric Company grid, which could displace tens of thousands of barrels of imported oil every year. The project will enable the supply of lower cost electricity to Maui Electric, and help Maui come closer to achieving its 2045 mandates of carbon neutrality and 100% renewable energy on the grid.

In addition to the environmental and economic benefits of enabling more clean energy on Maui, ENGIE Hawaiʻi will utilize its experience in Hawaiʻi’s public schools to educate the community about renewable energy through public tours, student STEM (science/technology/engineering/math) enrichment programs, professional development for teachers, a fellowship program, and scholarships.

ENGIE Hawaiʻi’s team brings together the global project development expertise of ENGIE, the world’s leader in cost effective zero-carbon transition solutions, with over a decade of local understanding of Hawaiʻi’s community and unique challenges. This global-local approach results in world-class projects that move Hawaiʻi forward.

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